Lifestyle Photography- The Relaxed Approach to your Photoshoot

Lifestyle Photography- The Relaxed Approach to your Photoshoot

I specialize in lifestyle family photography USING A NATURAL APPROACH AND with just a gentle direction.

Here a simple explanation of what LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHY IS


Beckenham Family Photographer


What is Lifestyle Photography?

Lifestyle photography is a type of photography that captures subjects in a natural setting, using natural poses and natural lighting. Lifestyle photography tells a story.


Beckenham Lifestyle Family Photographer

About Piccolino Photo Studio

I  have been working as a family portrait and wedding photographer since 2015. After trying different styles (studio, poses, street photography, formal family portraits and documentary photography) It was clear to me what I really like doing and what I am good at: the documentary approach. I’ll let people be and wait for the right moment. This is what I love.

Choosing Piccolino Photo Studio as a Lifestyle Photographer for your Family Moment

When I work with a family, I want to capture the very essence of their “being together”, using the informal setting of their home: their things, the light of that house.  I would like the family to remember where they used to live,  their children favourite toys, dad’s funny jokes, mum cuddles etc..

I also think that having your photos taken at home is more comfortable and relaxing. Children feel safer and therefore cooperate more. Happy children, happy parents and beautiful pictures.

Beckenham Family Photographer

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