How to take photos of your family during lockdown

A few tips on how to take beautiful photos of your family during the lockdown and treasure them forever

During these strange and unprecedented times, you might have noticed a lot of photographers keeping busy and taking photos of their family during the lockdown. We are documenting our story. It’s something personal that we will treasure in years to come. I’ve decided to share some knowledge so that people can do the same within their family.
You’ll realise the value of it in time. Trust me.

Here some tips for you to photograph your family and do it in the right way


At the base of every picture and before anything else is the light. Light gives contrast and “feeds” the image. Remember, “photography” means drawing with light.
A good tip is to remember is that a shadow generates opposite the light source. On this base, avoid harsh midday light as the sun will be high in the sky and will create a shadow right under the nose, eyes and on the neckline. Look for the front light, the one from the doorway for example, or under a tree (light coming from the top would be blocked from the tree or the ceiling)) or look for sidelight (window light)

sketch to describe front and side light - Piccolino photo studio


Avoid photographing standing at 45 degrees, which is unflattering and not interesting. Position yourself in front of your subject. Kneel down to the eyes level or experiment using different angles: from above, or below to give some dynamic to the shot. A common mistake is placing the subject in the middle of the frame. You should balance your composition using the rule of thirds.


Now that you have light and composition ready, wait for the perfect moment. It might require a few shots, keep on snapping until you have a good expression and the perfect moment. Have a look below. I’ve taken a few attempts before finding the right moment where I had the dad expression and the kids placed as I wanted. See the winner image in black and white

Contact sheets piccolino photo studio


Details of your family are very important to build your story.  For example, I love the way my youngest crosses his legs when he’s relaxed and happy, the explosive energy of my eldest son or how my husband uses the living room as a gym. You might want to photograph your little family details so to enjoy them when you look at your photos in years to come.

I’d suggest you take a few images, (phone is great too) every week to document your own family story. When you photograph, think about what you would want to see in 10 years time. You won’t regret it.

Below a slideshow video with the lockdown story of my family.  hope you enjoy it.
I’d love to see yours and if you like, you can send it to me via email to review it.

Keep safe and smile