How to display family photos on the wall

The photographs are taken to be looked at But how to display your family photos on your wall?

Just follow a few, simple rules.

1) How to choose the size of your frames

Each photo has its own format which is linked to the frame. For each photo, try to find a frame where the ratio of your frame is the same as the ratio of the image. If an image is a 12×8 format, it can’t fit into a frame 10×8, or it can but with a crop that might compromise the image. A ratio is a proportion between the width and the height of the image. A ratio 3:2 would be the format of a 12×8 frame, a 5:4 for a 10×8 and 3.5×2.5 for a 7×5 image. Make sure your image fits the frame in terms of ratio.

2) How to find the right wall

Whether it’s an entire wall, a wall along the stairs, an area around the TV or that empty space between the sofa and the ceiling, there’s nothing better than some beautiful frames to give your home a touch of style.
Look around you and find an empty space already “framed”, or rather outlined in some way by the furniture: the wall above the table, the one on the desk or on the sofa, on the bed or above the living room console table are just some of the many strategic points where place your photos. Your best memories will have the visibility they deserve and, last but not least, they will finally fill those annoying empty spaces!

3) How to position the frames

Wait before start positioning the nails. What is the composition you want to make? To be harmonic and stylish, your photos must follow a pattern, so have something in common. For example, photos that have the same concept can be combined together to create a pattern with logic. Just like these three images, where the classic family photo is placed next to children’s portraits, on the same background.

4) How to combine colours

Every house has a style and even your frames can and must respect it. Whether your home is modern and colourful, or classic and in wood tones, you will certainly find a composition of frames that adapts to your decor style. Colours must also be chosen wisely. I wouldn’t mix black and white images with colour ones in the same composition to give consistency. Or, I’d also choose a specific colour palette suitable for the wall and furniture around. Check the examples here. The first one is just black and white, the second example has a brown colour palette which matches well with the living room colours

5) Layout

IKEA has very cleverly designed a wall collage template with their frames in order to display artwork in a different way, with specific patterns, check it out online their templates! So clever!  Or with a bit of imagination, you can create shapes with frames: think of a cloud. And here is the perfect composition for your family photos!

I hope I’ve managed to give you some ideas and inspiration and you’ll start soon hanging your pictures on the walls and most of all enjoy them!

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